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Albanian Airlines, as the National Flag Carrier of Albania, has a MISSION to provide safe, efficient, qualitative, reliable and punctual air-travel services to its customers. was established in Tirana – Albania on 20 June 1995 through the Verdict No. Its activity was granted by a Purchasing Agreement signed between former ALBANIAN AIRLINES and MAK Aviation BV which was declared winner of the bid amongst 13 commercial companies.

Albanian Airlines was founded as a joint venture in 1992. Former Albanian Airlines was a joint-venture company established in 1992 by ALBTRANSPORT- a state enterprise under the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications of Republic of Albania and Tyrolean Airways – a small airline from north Austria.

Clients, not only in Albania, trust ALBANIAN AIRLINES because the Company is something different than the others.

It provides a wide range of destinations and services that are permanently and clearly given in advance to them.

On 28 September 2016 Albania U-15 had a gathering in the national team training center Kamëz, Tirana, Albania for two days.

Alessandro Recenti coach, had accumulated nearly 35 players who were selected from collections made in Greece and Albania.

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ALBANIAN AIRLINES is the sole airline in Albania, which has a fleet able to perform daily flights to many destinations around Europe, like Rome, Bologna, Milan, Turin and Bari (Italy); Pristine (Kosovo) and Istanbul (Turkey), besides other frequent destinations like Frankfurt – Germany of three times/ week or London – UK or Athens – Greece.Note, Kosovo is over 90% populated by ethnic Albanians and was part of ex-Yugoslavia, but it became free country on 1999, after NATO campaign.

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