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@princeroyce ///Practicando mi bachata en el set de nuestro video! The second we saw there was a song with Shakira on his new album, we knew Prince Royce would release it sooner or later as an official single. "Deja Vu" is the title of the bachata track the Latino singer born in New York and the Colombian diva recorded, it's been playing on Latin radios in the US and in Latin America for a while now and today, March 24th, the official music video has arrived on VEVO. Or what is your favorite Dominican music track, or album -- old or new?We'd love to hear your suggestions about the ahat you think is best in the Dominican music scene just now...After experiencing some of the most painfully artificial and awkward social dances of my “dance life,” I am going to temporarily opt out when it comes to dancing Bachata with strangers.Several months ago I visited a new social dancing venue in a nearby suburb.There is no denying that today's young bachata artists create music that perfectly reflects the sensual 'heat' of the Dominican Republic, and the videos, too, are designed to get you in a sweat!

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I did not see their dance, but when my very traditional dance teacher later described having a “weird” Bachata with a man “who wanted her to dance like a worm,” I kind of had a pretty good idea of about whom she might have been talking.

“They are dope guys,” he says, “I’ve been friends with them for a while and this collaboration is all about unity and helping each other out.” and Best Tropical Song for his Shakira duet “Deja Vu.” Although the “Back It Up” singer has been nominated for a Latin Grammy numerous times, taking the trophy home is an unfulfilled dream that remains on his bucket list: “This is my eleventh nomination but I’ve never won one,” he says.