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Frequencies: DVB-S2/8PSK 10773 H, 10803 H, 11082 H SR 22000 FEC 3/4, DVB-S2/8PSK 10832 H, 10964 H, 11464 H, 12574 H SR 22000 FEC 2/3. 2×2, 365 Days TV, 5 Channel (Ukraine), 9 Volna, Amedia, Amedia 2, Amedia Hit, Amedia Premium, BBC World News, Bollywood, Bloomberg, Bridge TV, CBS Drama, CBS Reality, CCTV-News, CCTV4, DANGE TV, Euronews, Eurosport 2, Extreme Sports, Fashion TV Network, Food Network, Fine Living, FOX, FRANCE24, Gulli, Hustler, HTH, History, Jim Jam, MCM Top, Mezzo, Nat Geo Wild, Nickeodeon, Galaxy, HTB 2, OCEAN-TV, Outdoor Channel, Paramount Comedy, Paramount Channel, Playboy TV, RT (English), RT (Arabic), RT (Spanish), RTG TV, RTD, RUSONG TV, RU. Igra HD, Nash Football HD, Channel One HD, Russia HD, KHL HD Channels with ID 040620 are only available for viewing with DVB-S2 (HD) receivers. Petersburg, Strana, Sever, TV-21 M, TV Guberniya, TVC, TVC ( 2), TNT ( 2), TRO, JV! Available HD channels: HD-Life, Konniy Mir HD, MATCH! GAME HD, Match TV HD, NTV HD, Channel One HD, Russia HD, Bollywood HD, KHL HD, Travel Channel HD, RTG HD, Trace Sport Stars HD, Trace Urban HD.

HD channels are available for viewing only with MGcamd_1.35, as well as with DVB-S2 cards using Acamd_0618 plugin. TV, Russian extreme TV, SONY TV, Sony Sci-Fi, Sony Turbo, STV, Ti Ji, Travel Channel, TV1000 Russkoe Kino, TV1000, TV1000 Action, TV-21M, Viasat Explorer, Viasat Golf, Viasat History, Viasat Nature, Viasat Sport, Vintage television, World Business Channel, AVTO24, Auto Plus, Armenia TV, Arkhyz 24, 24 Astrakhan, BLS, Bobyor, Box TV, Grozniy, Dagestan, Domashnie Zhivotnye, Detskiy Mir, Dom Kino Premium, Euro Kino, Europa Plus TV, Zagorodnaya Zhizn, Zvezda ( 2), Illusion , India TV, History, Karusel 3, Kinoclub, Kino Plus, Kinohit, Comedy TV, Konniy Mir, KRIK-TV, WHO IS WHO, Kuhnya TV, Lider TV, La Minor, Mama, Match! Frequencies: 11785 R, 11900 R, 12284 R, 12341 L, 12380 L, 12399 R, 12265 L, 12456 L, 12476 R, DVB-S2/8PSK 11823 R, 11862 R, 11938 R, 11977 R, 11996 L, 12015 R, 12073 L, 12092 R, 12130 R, 12207 R, 12245 R, 12322 R, 12437 R (these frequencies have SR 27500 FEC 3/4). Channels with ID 040620 are only available for viewing with DVB-S2 (HD) receivers.

Update Star includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more.

You can choose your language settings from within the program.

Frequencies: : 11804 H, 11823 V, 11843 H, 11862 V, 11900 V, 11919 H, 11938 V, 11958 H, 11977 V, 11996 H, 12034 H, 12245 V, 12608 H (All these frequencies have SR 27500 FEC 3/4), and also 11727 H, SR 27500 FEC 5/6, 12637 H SR 14465 FEC 3/4.

More about package Available channels: 13th Street, A&E, AXN Action, Beate-Uhse, Boomerang, Cartoon Network(S), Classica, Discovery Channel, Disney Cinemagic, Disney Junior, Disney XD, Fox Serie, Goldstar TV, Heimatkanal, Jukebox, Junior, Kinowelt TV, Motorvision TV, MGM, Nat Geo Wild, National Geographic, Romance TV, RTL Living, RTL Passion, Sat.1 Emotions, Sky Action, Sky Atlantic, Sky Bundesliga 1, Sky Cinema, Sky Cinema 1, Sky Cinema 24, Sky Hits, Sky Comedy, Sky Emotion, Sky Krimi, Sky Nostalgie, Syfy, Sky Sport Austria, Sky Sport News, Sky Sport 1, Sky Sport 2, Spiegel Geschichte, TNT Film, TNT Serie, 13th Street HD, AXN HD, Discovery HD, Disney Cinemagic HD, Disney Junior HD, E! HD, Eurosport HD, Eurosport 2 HD, Eurosport 360 HD 1, Eurosport 360 HD 2, Eurosport 360 HD 3, Eurosport 360 HD 4, Eurosport 360 HD 5, Eurosport 360 HD 6, Eurosport 360 HD 7, Eurosport 360 HD 8, Eurosport 360 HD 9, FOX HD, History HD, MGM HD, Nat Geo HD, Nat Geo Wild HD, Pro7 FUN HD, RTL Crime HD, Sky 3D, Sky Atlantic HD, Sky Action HD, Sky Cinema HD, Sky Cinema 1 HD, Sky Cinema 24 HD, Sky Hits HD, Sky Sport Austria HD, Sky HD Fan Zone, Sky Sport HD 1, Sky Sport HD 2, Sky Sport News HD, sportdigital HD, Sport1 HD, Sport 1 US HD, Sport 1 US HD 1 Sky Sport HD3, Sky Sport HD4, Sky Sport HD5, Sky Sport HD6, Sky Sport HD7, Sky Sport HD8, Sky Sport HD9, Sky Sport HD10, Sky Sport HD11, Sky Bundesliga HD1, Sky Bundesliga HD2, Sky Bundesliga HD3, Sky Bundesliga HD4, Sky Bundesliga HD5, Sky Bundesliga HD6, Sky Bundesliga HD7, Sky Bundesliga HD8, Sky Bundesliga HD9, Sky Bundesliga HD10, Syfy HD, Spiegel Geschichte HD, TNT Serie HD, TNT Glitz HD, Universal HD. Football 3, Mir, Mnogoseriynoe TV, Muz, Muzyka Pervogo, Muzhskoe Kino, Nashe Kino NTV Plus, Nashe Novoye Kino NTV Plus, NTV, NTV Mir, Nash Football, Nostalgia, Pyatnica, Podmoskovye, Channel Five, RBC-TV, REN TV, Russia 1, Russia 24, Russia K, Russkaya Noch, SPAS, CTC, TV-3, TDK, Telecafe, TNV-Planet, TNT, KHL, Che, U-TV. Nash Sport, Mir, Moscow 24, Muz, Nash Football, NTV, Channel One, First METEO, Pyatnica, Podmoskovye, Channel Five, RBC TV, REN TV, Russia 1, Russia 24, Russia K, SPAS, CTC, TV-3, TV-21M, TVC, TDK, TNV-Planet, TNT, KHL, Che Yu-TV.

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, ETV, ETV2, Explorer/Spice (FSS), Euro News, History Channel, Kanal 11, Kanal 2, Kidzone, LNT Latvia, LTV1, LTV7, MTV Hits, Nick JR/VH1, Nick DK/MTV EU, Nat Geo Wild, Nature/Crime/Playboy, NTV Mir Baltic, Ohota Rybalka, Re-TV B, RTR Planeta, Tallinna TV, TV1000 Ru Kino FSS, TV1 Lithuania, TV1000 Action East, TV1000 Action East FSS, TV1000 Balkan FSS, TV1000 Classic, TV1000 East, TV1000 East FSS, TV1000 Nordic, TV1000 Poland (FSS), TV1000 Premium, Ticket , TV3 Estonia, TV3 Latvia, TV3 Lithuania, TV6 Estonia, TV6 Latvia, TV6 Lithuania, Viasat Golf, Viasat History, Viasat History (FSS), Viasat Nature East, Viasat Nature East FSS, Viasat Sport Baltic, Viasat Motor.

When using Mgcamd_1.35 it is necessary that mg_cfg cfg file includes prescribed parameter F: More about package (13e) channels: Redlight HD, SCT HD, Hustler HD, BRAZZERS TV Europe, CENTOXCENTO TV, Dorcel TV, EXOTICA TV, PASSIONXXX, PINK O TV, PRIVATE TV, SCT, SESTO SENSO TV, TGirlstv. (13e) frequencies: 10949 V, 11179 H, 11727 V, 12322 H SR 27500 FEC 3/4, DVB-S2/8PSK 11662 V SR 27500 FEC 3/4. Planet, Mir 24, Mir Seriala, Mir ( 3), Mnogoseriynoe TV , Moscow 24, Moscow Doverie, Morskoy, My Planet, Muzhskoe Kino, Mult, Nano-TV, Nauka 2.0, Nashe Kino, Nashe Novoye Kino, Nashe TV, Nika TV, Nostalgia, NTV 2, NU ART TV, OTR, Ohota i rybalka, Premyera, Prosveschenie, Psihologiya21, Channel One, Channel One ( 2), First METEO, First Educational, Channel Five (2), Radost Moya, REN TV (2), Russkaya Noch, Russkiy Bestseller, Russkiy Illusion, Russkiy Roman, RTR-Planeta, Sarafan, St. More about package package is recommended to purchase the users who use old non-HD receivers, in order do not overpay for the full package with HD channels. Frequencies: 11785 R, 11900 R, 12015 R, 12284 R, 12341 L, 12380 L, 12399 R, 12265 L, 12456 L, 12476 R, DVB-S2/8PSK 11862 R, 11977 R, 11996 L, 12015 R, 12073 L, 12092 R, 12130 R, 12207 R, 12245 R, 12322 R, 12437 R (these frequencies have SR 27500 FEC 3/4). Frequencies: DVB-S2/8PSK 12169 R, 12245 R, 12322 R, 12399 R, 12475 R SR 27500 FEC 5/6.

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