Recent ukrainian dating scammers

27-Nov-2017 22:38

However in regards to suspending profiles we follow very simple and clear rules for anyone using our website.

Should any member break those rules we suspend them as quickly as possible.

I will have to say that not all is bad on this site.

From my experience, there are plenty of legitimate women on this site. Most profiles on this elenas models website are fake and it's just waste of money. Most of the girls I met casually and on tinder suggested me the same.

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I've been attempting online dating for 10 years and have never gotten so much as a response from women (unless they were fake).

The main red flag about this website is that how they make black PR writing articles about other dating websites!

The honest website will not need this to "win the competition" with other dating sites - they will concentrate on their own reputation.

I'm 32 years old, slim, in good shape, and target a realistic age range. Why do I believe that Elena's Models is mostly real profiles?

Because out of 120 girls who have viewed my profile, only 3 have messaged. Now don't get me wrong, I'm still suspicious about the 3, in fact, one of them I have already identified as a fake.Though my doubts have nothing to do with her character.