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But no, theyd each taken an oath to honor the other.

That oath meant something to her, even if the same could not be said for Maxwell.

Considering himself somewhat of an expert, he determined her cup size to be 36-B. The blouse seemed to reflect the glow that radiated from her skin.

Her three inch heels brought her up to almost his, six foot height. The small ringlets spun down to her shoulders, framing the stunningly attractive Celtic features of her face.

Author's Note: Ive drawn a great deal from pleasure posting 1st and Goal and other stories here, and the positive responses theyve garnered.Her white teeth appeared straight and flawless, but for a small gap between the upper incisors. He raised a questioning eye to the woman opposite his desk.The effect was not cute or adorable, rather it gave her a mysterious sensuality. I trust that these matters will be held in the strictest of confidence? Ill guard this information closer than your shrink. For the first time, the corners of her mouth turned downward ever so slightly. Clearing his throat, Drummond hastily added, Youve got nothing to worry about maam.It was as if shed just glanced at the lunch menu at the club. Drummond escorted her to the door and bid his farewells.

Sitting back at his desk, he opened the folder and perused the pictures one more time.

Hank also has plenty of conflicts with his father, Cotton, a misogynistic World War II veteran.