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Here we present data from a nearly complete study that aims to use multifocal transcranial direct current stimulation (t DCS) targeting the m PFC to enhance therapeutic extinction learning during an ERP challenge among OCD patients.Methods: Subjects diagnosed with OCD are randomly assigned to receive 20 minutes of active (n = 8) or sham (n = 8) multifocal t DCS targeting the m PFC (anode over Fpz, cathods over AF7, AF8, F3, F4, and Fz, 1.5m A, 30 sec.anhedonia, despair, anxiety) has been demonstrated in animal models (Tye et.

Methods: We included 111 older adults (80 with LLD and 31 comparison participants) in this study.A panel of 22 SASP-related proteins was extracted from a previous multiplex protein panel performed in these participants.We conducted a principal component analysis to create the SASP index based on individual weights of each of protein.However, many negative findings are also reported, and the specific mechanisms by which attention training meaningfully impacts SAD symptoms and associated neural function are yet to be identified.

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the neural mechanisms underlying attention modulation of emotion in SAD, and how these processes may be impacted by attention training paradigms.Subjects return 24 hours later to complete five additional exposure trials to test the recall of therapeutic learning.