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02-Nov-2017 09:51

After it is created, the invalidation ID starts its journey across multiple components, products and servers to ensure that all the cache entries associated to the invalidation ID are removed.With a failed invalidation, you are presented the challenge to understand which exact component is breaking, which can become a very time consuming task, and require the use of relatively expensive logging and tracing.These are answers you can try to provide before having to enable tracing: Problems that can be reproduced every time typically relate to configuration issues.

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As requests are received, the Search servers look into the CACHEIVL table for updates and processes them.

Intermittent problems can be a lot more complex to troubleshoot. See this post for details on how to control the number of invalidations that are issued by the Dyna Cache Invalidation job: Avoiding invalidation overload after propagations.

Keep in mind that problems that only affect certain servers could also at first appear to be intermittent, as they will depend on which server your session gets associated to.

Invalidations recorded into the CACHEIVL table are issued as soon as the Dyna Cache Invalidation job runs.

If the invalidation is fired and the JSP re-executed (and re-cached) before the Indexprop process is finished, the JSPs can be re-cached using old Search data.

If the cache instance is configured to replicate invalidations, the DRS component creates invalidation messages and relies on the High Availability manager to distribute them to the other servers in the cluster.

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