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U–Pb zircon dates from five volcanic ash beds from the Global Stratotype Section and Point for the Permian–Triassic boundary at Meishan, China, establish a high-resolution age model for the extinction – allowing exploration of the links between global environmental perturbation, carbon cycle disruption, mass extinction, and recovery at millennial timescales.

The extinction occurred between 251.941 ± 0.037 and 251.880 ± 0.031 Ma, a duration of 60 ± 48 ka.

However, it is now possible to date the extinction with millennial precision.Animation topics include: - Natural Selection (Chapter 3) - Phylogenetic Trees (Chapter 4) - Mutations (Chapter 6) - Population Genetics (Chapter 7) - Genetic Drift (Chapter 8) - Molecular Evolution (Chapter 8) - Adaptive Landscape (Chapter 9) - Speciation (Chapter 14) - Non-random Mating (Chapter 17)The Test Bank has been extensively revised for the Second Edition.