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During this same time frame, an additional 62 terrorist acts being plotted in the United States were prevented by U. To better reflect the nature of the threat and the scope of our response, the FBI is, therefore, expanding the focus of its annual terrorism report.

Between 19, these overseas attacks killed 75 Americans and wounded an additional 606. The Counterterrorism Division works closely with other FBI components and with other agencies to counter current and emerging terrorist threats.

An additional incident, an arson fire in Olympia, Washington, was claimed by a group calling itself Revenge of the Trees (ROTT) in a statement released through the North American ELF Press Office.

The remaining incident, a series of arson fires in Phoenix, Arizona, has been attributed to Mark Warren Sands, a lone environmental extremist who was arrested and indicted in 2001.

Subsequent investigation determined that an accelerant, believed to be diesel fuel, was used in the attack.

The fires damaged office space, two trucks, and an equipment storage facility, resulting in an estimated 0,000 in damages.

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At approximately a.m., on January 3, 2000, unknown suspects set three separate fires on the grounds of the Rancho Veal Corporation in Petaluma, California.

Early on the morning of January 15, 2000, a driver reporting for work at the Petaluma Farms chicken and egg processing plant in Petaluma, California, discovered fires in the cabs of two delivery trucks.