Dating site conversion rate

18-Jun-2017 03:27

An ecommerce conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors who purchased something from your online store (in a set period of time).

However, this metric is not the only way to measure success of your online store.

Before we go through what to do to increase conversions, we need to know exactly what your current visitors are doing to setup proper ecommerce conversion rate benchmarks for your online store.

Where are customers getting stuck and how are they interact with your website?

This applies whether you are just starting up and running the whole show yourself, or if you are an ecommerce manager or marketing director who has signed up to hit massive goals and KPIs for the year.

First, let’s begin by defining a conversion –– which often has a different definition business to business.

You need to know your end goal to accurately define conversions that align with business goals.

However, it is important to know what are your current conversion issues are and understand the basics before you can know what you should test.

There are some invaluable and very useful tools to help analyze your current conversion rate issues.

Conversion rate optimization is the process of improving the shopping experience to drive a specific KPI — usually, sales.

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Conversion rate optimization (CRO) can be conducted on landing pages, category pages, or any other customer touchpoint. Even if you are doing everything right, you can still expect to win the sale around 2% of the time.This will not record like Inspectlet does, but it will give you a very detailed snapshot of what is happening based on where users click, how many times, etc.