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No direct evidence has been found confirming this supposed first marriage.However, Friedrich [IV]s son Friedrich [V] was old enough in 1251 to consent to his fathers charter, whereas the dispensation for Friedrich [IV]s known marriage to Hedwig was dated 1246 which suggests that Friedrich [V] could not have been Hedwigs son.witnessed the charter dated 1231 under which Henricus...Landgravius Thuringi et Saxoni comes palatinus...manibus matris nost et Conradi fratris nostri donated property in Ludirsburnin to Reinhardsbrunn, for the salvation of contectalis nostr Elisabeth on the day of her burial.Comes Fridericus de Bichlingen et Fridericus filius suus comes de Lara...witnessed the charter dated under which Burchardus dominus de Quernuorde donated property in villa Langenrieth to Kloster Walkenrode.The Annalista Saxo names (in order) "Odam, Cunigundam, Adelheidam" as the three daughters of Markgraf Otto & his wife, specifying that Kunigunde married firstly "regi Ruzorum", secondly "Cononi comiti de Bichlingge, filio ducis Ottonis de Northeim", and thirdly "Wipertus senior" (-1123).

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Fridericus...comes dictus de Bichilingen donated property in Sulzbeche to Kloster Heusdorf, with the consent of filiorum nostrorum Friderici comitis de Lare, Friderici et Hermanni, by charter dated .The Annalista Saxo records (but does not name, except for the fourth daughter) the four daughters of Kuno & his wife, of whom Kunigunde (listed fourth) married firstly "Wiperto iuniori" and secondly "Thieppoldus marchio de Bawaria"How Friedrich [I] inherited the county of Beichlingen has not been ascertained.