Chelsea meissner dating

23-Dec-2017 08:22

He compliments the fierceness of Kathryn Dennis‘ hair (RIP bump-its and bad extensions, thank goodness) while refraining from comment on her busted Scarlett O’Hara knock-off.

Andy is happy to learn that Shep Rose has escaped the lingering enzyme, Thomas Ravenel loves being Mr.

Mom (when he makes it out to the guest house), and Cameran Eubanks is glowing with a baby girl due in November.

Mentioning Cam could name her daughter Landon, Andy basically skips over Landon Clements before announcing newbie Austen Kroll (Shep 2.0) has a nice ass. The evening begins with some jovial Craig bashing as Shep teases him about being a jealous, lying wannabe mediator with no game whatsoever (so I’m paraphrasing).

This season, much has been said by Cameran about her friend Chelsea being the perfect woman to finally lock Shep down and make him change his ways. You see, obviously if they are indeed dating, then they would likely be told to keep it under wraps until the storyline has completed.

They have flirted and such but have yet to start actually dating. So, even if they are blissfully dating at the moment, we probably won't be privy to it just yet.

This week’s Instagram Roundup of reality star photos does not disappoint.Blac Chyna, Kourtney Kardashian, and Mercedes “MJ” Javid worked it with some hot selfies.Worlds collided when Real Housewives of Potomac star Monique Samuels hung out with Porsha Williams.I suppose we will have to wait and see if this couple makes it past their first date next week.

It would certainly make things a bit awkward for Austen and Shep.This is not really great evidence either way because if they aren't dating then it makes sense that they wouldn't have a ton of photos together but if they are dating, then they may be overcompensating by purposely not posting photos together at all, even if they are super innocent looking photos.