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20-Sep-2017 03:59

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Cameron was the stereotypical bad lad, think luke perry in 90210.

He was 6’4″, had eyes you could drown in, beautiful blonde tipped hair, tattoos on his back and plenty of chat.

cameron would try to keep up with my drinking but always fell short, which was just as well since he had a sofabed to deal with. he was starting to get a bit worried about this as he was in the shared living room area right next to the kitchen so anyone from the group could discover him drunk pleasuring himself.

after a week, cameron started to mention to me that he was waking feeling a bit odd but couldnt put his finger on it. day 10 arrived with a plan to avoid alcohol and his drunk wank sessions.

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everyone would head to bed and we would have deep and meaningful drunken chats before going our separate ways. the next day he woke feeling the same way but this time he vaguely remembered a sex dream and there was dried jizz on his boxers.i reached down and stroked his balls before lubing his cock with my saliva, i slowly started moving my hand up and down his shaft while rubbing my clit with my other hand, matching stroke by stroke.