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Dean survived the Second Wizarding War and was seen after the final battle sitting next to Seamus Finnigan and Aberforth Dumbledore in the Great Hall. His father left when Dean was very young, never telling his wife that he was a wizard, out of the belief that not knowing the truth would protect her and their son from the potential dangers of the First Wizarding War.

The arrival of an acceptance letter for Dean from Hogwarts caused Mrs Thomas to suspect that Dean's biological father may have been a wizard.

After Hailey Dean agrees to help Pam dispose of her parent's estate, her friend disappears without a word, Pam's boyfriend suffers a serious accident, and Hailey's boyfriend contracts a ...

See full summary » When Henry Roth is hired to find the best Italian chef for a new high-end eatery, murder was not on the menu.

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However, she never had proof of this and so Dean was believed to be Muggle-born.Using her eye for detail, as well as her experience with antiques and murder, Jennifer puts together clues that help catch a killer.

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